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3D printing technology for customers to customize the exclusive glasses Nanjing to lead the trend of 3D customization


On September 20, 2017, a 3D printed custom glasses studio opened in Nanjing Xinjiekou to welcome guests. This 3D printing custom glasses studio mainly uses the most advanced 3D scanning technology and 3D printing technology to customize exclusive glasses for customers.

Because each person's face is different, when purchasing glasses in a conventional optical shop, customers can only choose to wear relatively comfortable glasses and cannot enjoy customized services. But in this studio, it can be achieved. The staff first performed a facial scan on the client, and then adjusted the lens width, nose bridge, etc. in more than 20 detail sizes based on the obtained data. According to Antarctic Bears observations, the three-dimensional scanner used by the staff is 3D Systems' Sense, a consumer-grade 3D scanner that can easily acquire 3D face data from customers without high costs.

According to the user's facial data, designed exclusive glasses to ensure that fit the face, comfortable to wear.

Finally, a unique eyeglass frame was printed through the 3D printing technology, which greatly improved the corrective effect and comfort of the eyeglasses, while the lens part still uses ordinary lenses.

The price of a custom-made pair of glasses has not been mentioned, and it should not be too cheap for the current technology stage. Compared with the traditional way of mass-producing glasses and then letting customers pick from them, customization is pushed back from customer demand to production. Many front-end links have been added, and there are no economies of scale in the production process.

However, this is an irreversible trend in social development. Customization will first detonate in the high-end customer market, and then gradually spread to the mass market. Traditional large-scale manufacturing methods will also change.

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