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An enterprise in Shandong developed a self-repairing anti-corrosion coating additive


HC Coatings Network News: Recently, Shandong Gewu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a "recovery shield" self-repairing anti-corrosion coating additives, and passed the technical inspection of a number of authoritative quality inspection agencies such as the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. A number of test results have shown that Consolidated Shield has significant self-healing and anti-corrosion capabilities, effectively improving the protection of the coating to the body.

It is expected that the 10-ton-class polyshield production line will be completed and put into operation in Weifang in April 2018. It is understood that this technology was jointly developed by Shandong Gewu and the Institute of Process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. “Poly-Shield” is a bionic environmental protection micro-capsule self-repairing anti-corrosion coating additive that uses an external self-healing technology to simulate biological damage. According to the principle of repair, when the metal coating material cracks or mechanically damaged, the microcapsules rupture and release the repair agent, and a protective layer is again formed on the metal surface to achieve self-repair of the damaged part of the coating. When the coating material is applied, the protection function of the coating itself and interface defects can be quickly restored, the corrosion resistance of the coating material under complex conditions can be effectively ensured, and the service life of the material can be prolonged.

This technology uses non-toxic green self-repairing functional particles instead of traditional toxic hexavalent chromium salts and other anti-corrosion additives to reduce the harm to the environment and human health, while also highly integrated with water-based paint, under the premise of ensuring the environmental performance of water-based paint, Improve the anti-corrosion effect of water-based paints, and further promote the new concept of anti-corrosion coatings that are based on ecological protection. Compared with traditional coatings, Self-healing Anti-Corrosion Paint has a higher technical content and can be automatically repaired after the coating is damaged, preventing further corrosion from spreading and stopping corrosion.

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