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Mobile phone 3D printing prenatal detection size face the world's top black technology battle valley



Overseas talents participated in the contest road show.

Yangtze River Network November 8 (Changjiang Daily reporter Li Jia) On November 8, a reporter from Changjiang Daily observed at the site of the Huanghe Cup Creation World Valley-China Optics Valley 3551 International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, covering smart manufacturing, internet, and biology. The final projects in the areas of medicine, new energy, and environmental protection will gather the world's best black technology in the optical valley, giving hope for future life. Liu Wei, CEO of Baidu Ventures, said that the latest technology will better meet the people's growing needs for a better life.

Throw coins into the aircraft engine?

Winding machine detection robot stares at him!

The just-concluded World Flyer Conference has made ordinary citizens realize that ordinary people are not far away from driving a small aircraft. But how to ensure safety? Machines replace artificial visual inspection. Dr. Li Jianming, Ph.D., of the National University of Singapore, developed a "airborne inspection robot" that can use optical and infrared inspections to allow lightning and bird impacts to "crack the shape" of the aircraft and allow the aircraft to obtain safety protection before take-off. It is understood that The case of throwing a coin in an aircraft engine can also be spotted by a circumvention detection robot.

Li Jianming served as a scientist in the Singapore Science and Technology Bureau for 16 years. Last year he established Zhongxin Infrared Technology (Wuhan) Co.

Philip Moloney introduces portable 3D printers. Reporter Li Jia

3D printing with a mobile phone?

Only $99

Philip Moloney, chief technology officer of ONO3D from the United States, sprinted to the stage with a box of finished products he used to “print” on his cell phone. He brought a portable screen-size portable 3D printer, and he took it with him to the New York City Luxury Technology Show. He appeared on the same stage as Tesla and BlackBerry. According to reports, ordinary people can use mobile phones to complete 3D printing, download applications, connect through a headphone jack, and then place the resin into the reservoir and place the smartphone under a glass under the reservoir. The white light flashes on the mobile phone screen to cure the resin layer by layer and create models. They also have 3,000 free models on the Internet for users to print.

He introduced this machine as long as 99 dollars.

Genetic diseases such as "face and size" can be prenatally detected

Precision medicine goes into ordinary people

Hemifacial syndrome is commonly known as “face and small face.” Scientists from North Carolina State University, Beijing Institute of Genetics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences developed the world's first prenatal test kit for the syndrome, which may be able to pass the gene. Means of treatment fundamentally reduce the deformity.

The “Cloud Microsphere Two-Dimensional Flow Chip” from the US Silicon Valley Division to Wuhan is led by the United States, Britain, and Russia, and can achieve simultaneous detection of multiple protein concentrations. In the future, this in vitro detection technology can reach home as low as possible. 50 US dollars, the project has been registered "lattice" entity company, chairman Zhang Xueji is an academician of the American Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering, a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, the national "thousand-person plan" specially appointed professor.

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