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New Materials Collaborative Innovation and Development Forum will be held in Weiyang District


New Materials Innovation Development Forum reporter learned from the 2017 news conference in the world of hard science and technology innovation conference and new materials collaborative, November 11, a new materials technology industry focus areas of collaborative innovation development forum will be ceremoniously opened in Weiyang.

As one of the world's hard Technology Innovation Conference 2017 a series of activities, new materials collaborative innovation development forum will focus on hard science and technology research cooperation and development of new materials innovation and entrepreneurship, based in Xi'an, the promotion of science and technology industry to Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute and other units, represented "of a hospital a model", Beijing university and other colleges and universities to deepen "cooperation school, the collaborative innovation" and Xi'an to work hard to establish a science and technology brands, for "all the way along the" cooperation, development-oriented national economy, boosting the hard science and technology research cooperation Innovation and entrepreneurship development.

By then, the distinctive characteristics of research Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, China Aviation Development Xi'an Aero Engine Co., Ltd., a leader in the development model and shared experience, a number of experts and scholars will work with the field of international guests, representatives of universities, technology services and other professionals In-depth communication. In addition, projects such as the "Xi'an New Material Innovation Center" and "Xinyang District Military and Civil Integration Industrial Park in Xi'an" will also be officially unveiled during the forum.

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