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Xianyang took the lead in the development of environmentally friendly waterborne alkyd resin coatings


HC Coating News: January 22, the reporter learned from Xianyang City Science and Technology Bureau, after four years of technical research, Xianyang City, the first in the country to overcome the water-based alkyd resin coating synthesis of key technologies, and to achieve an environmentally friendly water-based alkyd resin coating industry Production, which marks the Xianyang City enterprises technological innovation and product upgrades to a new level.

It is understood that environment-friendly waterborne alkyd resin coatings were jointly developed by Shaanxi Baotashan Paint Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Science and Technology University's technical team. With water as a diluent, they are safe, environmentally friendly, green, and nontoxic, and are mainly used in engineering. Mechanical equipment coating, chemical storage tank pipeline coating, steel structure coating, hardware coating and home decoration painting and other fields. Chen Anqiang, director of the Technical Center of Shaanxi Baotashan Paint Co., Ltd., introduced the key environmental protection coatings products such as waterborne alkyd resin coatings, which have been encouraged by the government to reduce the use of organic solvents, water resistance, gloss, and other key technical indicators. It greatly surpasses similar solvent-based products and can reduce the emission of organic solvents by 1,200 tons per year, which is of great significance in achieving energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection.

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